US Company To Destroy 2,000 Year Old Irish Fort

An Irish Lore keeper is warning that a US pharmaceutical company will be cursed if they go ahead with their plans to build atop a 2,000 year old fort.

The Knockhouse RingFort of Waterford, Ireland

The Knockhouse RingFort of Waterford, Ireland

Plans are moving along quickly but concern is being raised by archaeologists and local Irelanders as the US company West Pharmaceutical Services begins to build an 8,500 sq. meter facility on what is considered by many to be hallowed ground.

The project, which is supported by IDA Ireland and the Waterford City and County Council, is slated to bring in roughly 150 jobs to the local community by 2018.  “It’s very exciting,” said company president Karen Flynn after watching the mayor of Waterford County and the mayor of the city metropolitan area, James Tobin and Lola O’Sullivan, help with the ceremonial “ground-breaking” of the site.  However, there were delays when local construction workers refused to remove a fairy fort— with workers set to be drafted in from elsewhere to demolish the fort and complete the construction of the factory.

Example of Irish Ringfort (The Grianan of Aileach)

Example of Irish Ringfort (The Grianan of Aileach)

I wouldn’t hold it against you if you thought this whole story sounds like the premise for a sequel to “The Poltergeist” and neither would Eddie Lenihan, famed Irish author, storyteller and broadcaster who has warned that the Knockhouse RingFort of Waterford, Ireland is an ancient fairy fort and that ill will shall fall upon all those who wish to disturb the sacred land.  Lenihan is one of only a few remaining practicing seanchaithe, or traditional storytellers and lore keepers, that, much like bards, memorized and preserved the oral traditions, history, and laws of the ancient Celtic culture.

The tri-vallate ring fort, estimated to be thousands of years old, is set to be cleared as part of the second phase of construction, although a local group in Waterford will continue to campaign for the fort’s preservation and for the area to be maintained as a tourist attraction inside the main factory building itself.

As for fear of backlash, Lenihan had this to say: “I’d like it to be on the record so that people can look back when something happens and see that they [the owners] were warned and didn’t pay attention.  It’s a question of when, not if, the fairies will decide to take their revenge.”

What are your feelings?  Is this a recipe for disaster?  Are faeries real?  Join the conversation below and on Facebook, and on Twitter using the hashtag #DMTalk.

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