Vegas Water Conservation Ads Too Sexy

The southwest has certainly been hit hard this year with its lack of precipitation, except in rare apocalyptic cases, but a new ad campaign in the City of Sin has caused quite a stir.

Courtesy SWA

Courtesy SNWA

Making water conservation sexy, the Southern Nevada Water Authority this week unveiled a new campaign on television, radio, print and social media.  The theme: “There’s Nothing Sexier Than Saving Water.”

That’s right: There’s Nothing Sexier Than Saving Water.

The ads were developed by R&R Partners, the firm behind Vegas’ most famous tagline: “What Happens Here, Stays Here.” and they depict people adjusting watering clocks as members of the opposite sex watch with obvious lust.  It coincides with the new fall restrictions that began Tuesday which, through Oct. 31, limits watering to three days a week and prohibits sprinklers during the day and misting systems at businesses.

Vegas wasn’t the first city to make water conservation sexy as back in June San Francisco officials unveiled their own ads that urged residents to go “full-frontal” and take short, steamy showers.  Spokesman Scott Huntley claims that the Vegas ads were developed over a year and without knowledge of the San Francisco ads, which has to say something about mankind.  The ads are a simple way to remind people to be compliant as the penalties for repeat offenders can be in the thousands, claims Huntley.

The previous “Don’t Make Us Ask You Again” theme was used for eight years and featured slapstick humor which research showed the typical household water “controller” was, according to Huntley, a “Joe Six Pack,” or a man in his late 20’s to 50’s.  Huntley further says the new ads were made to also target expanding demographics, including those who are older and more diverse, and female.

Courtesy SWA

Courtesy SNWA

There are certainly things that grab people’s attention and humor does it a lot and one of the primary aspects of humor is sexual humor, the sexy humor — that’s one of the basics. said Huntley.

Can we really complain?  I mean it is Vegas after all.

Are the adds too intense for everyday viewing?  Is this just another Political Correctness complaint?  Let us know what you think below and on Facebook, and on Twitter use the hashtag #DMTalk.

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  1. Theresa says:

    That a government would resort to using sex to sell propaganda is remarkably low and telling that there is no longer incentive or perceived need to appeal to anyone’s rationale or intelligence, suggesting the citizens are considered little more than an infestation of rodents.

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