Video Analysis: ‘Ghost’ In 4-year-old Girl’s Bedroom

Screen Capture of 'ghost' video, (YouTube: Clarence Moore)

Screen Capture of ‘ghost’ video (YouTube: Clarence Moore)

‘Ghost’ Caught On Camera In 4-year-old Girl’s Bedroom

Like a scene right out of every parent’s worst nightmares, the disembodied voice of an unseen apparition is captured on camera inside a 4-year-old girl’s bedroom.

The supposed “ghost” was caught on Daniel Garrett’s cellphone camera when he let his 4-year-old daughter play with it while he went off to the bathroom. You hear what sounds like the young girl singing a song along the lines of “Doe, doe doe, doe, doe…” at which point a haunting voice, like we’ve heard time and time again in films such as The Exorcist and The Rite, is heard from some unknown direction reportedly mimicking the girl’s song.

Doe, doe, doe.” says the alleged spectral voice.

Then on the video itself it appears as though someone, or something, climbs onto the end of the bed while pressing down on and disturbing the girl’s blankets.

The girl subsequently screams in supposed terror and you hear the phantom voice once again.

You’re so funny.” it says in a “comforting” tone.

Finally, before the video cuts you can see more disturbance in the girl’s blankets, but this time right next to her legs.

Our Analysis

A haunting video to say the least, but there may be more than meets the eye. The video is making the rounds on social media this week and the story goes that Daniel Garrett, the phone’s owner, had allegedly whisked his family out of the house after seeing the disturbing video, never to return again. Conveniently, when you follow the sources to find this supposed interview with Mr. Garrett and the supporting material discussing his sudden move, the only things you run into are infamous “404 error” pages. Even the original video has been removed from all social media channels, with remaining copies being uploaded by random YouTube users.

Check out the video below.


Now, watch the video again, but this time think of it like this: the girl is singing along when her dad, Mr. Garrett, enters the room from off-camera and sings with her. The girl suddenly “screams” in a way that sounds an awful lot like an excited 4-year-old seeing their parent for the first time in a “long” time, (bathroom breaks can seem long for 4-year-olds).

The father says, “You’re so funny.”

At this moment pay very close attention to the left side of the screen near the middle of the frame, where you see a dark object like a sweater or maybe the edge of a pair of pants sit on the bed beside the girl’s legs—just as a parent would when entering the room from the left side of the bed—exactly where the door is situated as shown in the video.

Furthermore, the dark object’s location coincides with the direction in which the blankets are being tugged.

Analyzed footage of 'ghost' video, (Dark Matter News Team)

Analyzed footage of ‘ghost’ video, (Dark Matter News Team)

Author’s Opinion: There could be compelling footage here, either for or against the so-called ‘haunting’ theory. If it is a fake, or even just an unintended series of events that led to a viral video, then it is a detriment to the entire field of parapsychology and only further discredits real tangible claims of paranormal activity. It’s a lesson in being skeptical; a lesson in following your nose when you suspect something might be a little too convenient.

Let us know how you feel. Is this great evidence of a paranormal encounter, or is it simply too good to be true? Comment below, share on Facebook, and find us on Twitter, hashtag #DMTalk!

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  1. says:

    OOOOh this one is spooky! It seems suspect that there is not more to the video… such a skinny angle on the lens. But the “photographer” is a 4 year old, so.. The blankets look tugged on but also it appears that there is a foot (or a broom handle?) pushing the covers at the same time? IF this is a ghost… wow, really creepy. If this is a hoax, well played. The “error 404” messages… could be a really spooked father possibly, right? If we keep in mind occam’s razor… the most logical explanation is most likely the correct one… It could be faked. Maybe not. Too close to call in my opinion. o-0

    • W D King W D King says:

      I just assume that any video that shows up on YouTube is a fake. My biggest complaint is that there is never any further investigation or the videos cut off only after a few minutes (or less). Who in their right mind is going to stop recording when they witness poltergeist activity? You see a cupboard fly open across the kitchen and you only film long enough to capture the act? You don’t walk up to the cupboard and show that there are no strings or anything? C’mon! 🙂

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