Video of the Jerk Who Killed hitchBOT

Last night on Dark Matter News we reported that sad news of the savage murder of the traveling robot known as Hitchbot while traveling in Philadelphia after safely touring Canada, Germany and the Netherlands. Today footage of what is claimed to be the final moments of the traveling robot ‘hitchBOT’ has been released. But there are suspicions of a cruel prank.

Popular local vlogger Jesse Wellens, who was among the last people to see hitchBOT ‘alive’ on Saturday together with another vlogger Ed Bassmaster, claimed Monday that he had acquired footage of the attack.

Hitchbot, which was designed as a social experiment project to see if humans can empathize with a helpless, child-sized machine that needed their help to get around, was found decapitated last Saturday after a brutal attack in Philladelphia.

The video uploaded to Snapchat shows a man in a backwards hat and a Philadelphia Eagles jersey (identifying him as #12, Randall Cunningham, a quarterback for the NFL team in the 1980s and early ’90s) having ripped off the robot’s arm and stomping on something obstructed from view twice. Presumably the robot.

No motive for the attack was apparent from the footage.

There is speculation that the video may have been made by Wellens himself as prank. Bassmaster, who was with Wellens during the encounter, often wears an oversized #12 Philadelphia Eagles jersey while acting as an alter-ego character.

HitchBOT was created by Canadian researchers Professor Frauke Zeller, from Ryerson University. It relied on its goofy appearance and limited means of communication powered by a special computer program to steal rides from humans. He stole plenty of hearts along the way as well. Fake or prank? Comment below…

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