Washington state opens women’s bathrooms to men


Because of the Human Rights Commission, Washington state’s most recent legislated rules will make businesses open their restroom doors to men and women alike – therefore, men are required to be granted  the same usage rights along with unfettered accessibility to the women restrooms.

“This first-of-its-kind, statewide law is part of the recent push to frame gender-segregated bathrooms as an affront to ‘equality,’” wrote Joseph Backholm in the Family Policy Institute of Washington.

restroomsA new law from the state’s HRC just took effect this month – that’s following the Houston’s lesbian mayor who wasted her own individual campaign to open women’s bathrooms to males, as would seem to be the case, due to voter backlash. Voters throughout Missouri and also Arkansas recently struck down similar plans, also.

But Washington resolved to go an alternative way, and the HRC, that has rule-making powers, crafted a new mandate for the entire state government to comply with.

Because The Family Policy Institute indicated, the state’s already been struggling with the situation for a while.

“School boards across Washington state have been fumbling with it. The YMCA of Pierce and Kitsap County recently earned news headlines the minute they developed a strategy allowing transgender guys to utilize the women’s locker room under every circumstances,” the organization reported. “However, this is the first statewide mandate that forces businesses to cooperate with a customer’s confusion about his or her gender.”

And also the repercussions could prove devastating, the agency implied.

“The safety and security of every woman in Washington should not be placed at risk in an attempt to be politically correct,” the post said. “We should be compassionate for the real challenges people face, but we shouldn’t be stupid.”

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