WATCH: Big Storm – Tumbleweed Migration – Stampede

Wind gusts up to 70 mph as a front moved into Bozeman, MT on Dec 9, 2015. Literally thousands of tumbleweeds were blasting by (many out of frame). The temperature dropped 19F in about 15 minutes. Quite the spectacle. Some Good Ol’ Apocalypse Weather. This is unique video of Tumbleweed in action. They keep rolling and rolling across a frozen pond in Montana.

According to the guy who posted this video, the temperature outside suddenly dropped nearly 20 degrees and “thousands of Tumbleweeds” appeared out of nowhere. So where are all these tumbleweeds going in a hurry? Is there a tumbleweed convention nearby?

Tom Forwood Jr. posted the video to Facebook describing it as “Some good Ol’ apocalypse weather” as frigid temperatures and strong winds caused the strange sight.

Amateur footage captures the moment thousands of tumbleweeds blew across farmland in Bozeman, Montana, during a blustery storm. The video, shot by Thomas J Forwood Jr at Davis Lane Pond, shows the peculiar scene as an army of spiny thistles bounded over a field. Forwood said he estimated the winds to be as much as 50 mph at the time

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