We Will Hex You


A call to arms has been issued by coven leader Melanie Elizabeth Hexen, to have witches around the world join her in cursing tried rapist Brock Turner, to cause him to “become impotent” and “to know constant pain of pine needles in your guts.”

As the very light verdict of 6 months jail time for a Stanford University student, who sexually assaulting an unconscious woman on a sidewalk came down, many cries for justice have gone out.

Now, Hexen has made a Facebook event to allow others who wanted to take action to join in on the mass hex, and within 12 hours more than 600 people had RSVPed.

Hexen herself said ‘There must have been a huge need for this for it to blow up so fast. We all felt so much injustice and anger and sadness and the need to connect on a psychological level with other people who felt the same and could do something about it.”

The virtual event took place Tuesday night at 10 pm CST, with witches around the world hexing Turner in their own homes and sharing photos of altars and descriptions of their ceremonies on the Facebook page. Most hexes focused on impotence and causing Turner physical pain.

Hexen said many of the witches who participated on Tuesday were survivors of sexual assault themselves. They posted their own experiences in the Facebook event, sharing support for one another and making their hexes more potent.

“I was touched so deeply they were involved in this ritual, and I feel that their witchcraft was ten times more powerful than mine in this situation,” Hexen said. “Someone who has been through something like that would have so much rage and so much power and so much need for justice that they made it so much stronger. It was brave of them to come forward and hopefully cathartic for them to do that.”

She concluded by saying “Last night’s hex was very empowering—it was very uplifting to see everybody come together and do something about an issue we feel so strongly about. Hexing is very powerful. As I was always taught: If you can’t hex, you can’t heal.”

Source: Broadly.Vice.com


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