What Really Happened at RAF Bentwaters in Late 1980?

A former police officer has come forward with claims that a UFO that flew over Rendlesham Forest in late December 1980 carried extraterrestrials interested in a ‘secret’ stash of nuclear weapons at the RAF Bentwaters airbase.

Gary Heseltine, who worked for the British Transport Police for almost 24 years said that Colonel Charles Halt, one of the highest ranking military witnesses in the world to have talked about UFO’s confided in him that Bentwaters had more nuclear missiles in the weapons storage area than anywhere else in Europe.

However, Col. Halt denied such claims, stating “I never made such a statement about weapons to Gary. Those are his conclusions”.

Both the United Kingdom and United States governments have neither confirmed nor denied that weapons of mass destruction were stored at the base.

Source: Mirror.co.uk

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