Who Ya Gonna Call? Kitsap Paranormal Investigators

Who Ya Gonna Call? Kitsap Paranormal Investigators

Natalie St. Tours of Gig Harbor / Kathy Rongholt discuss psychic and spiritual aspects of ghost-hunting.

More than a decade ago, Bremerton native Jeanne Lewis witnessed a strange apparition while working at an old theater in London.

When the theater was empty, she looked into one of the seating boxes and saw a woman sitting facing the stage. Believing the woman was a patient from a nearby Alzheimer’s facility, Lewis asked her to leave. The woman vanished into air, she said.

“I felt like someone had taken my stomach and twisted it 180 degrees,” said Lewis, who now lives in Issaquah.

Though her first ghostly experience was jarring, Lewis, now a program manager at Microsoft, wanted to talk about and investigate paranormal activity with others in Kitsap County, where she plans to retire.

In November, she started the Kitsap Paranormal Investigators Meetup on the networking Web site Meetup.com. The group has about 60 members.

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