Wine and tapas? Taco Bell to serve them.

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Yo quiero a glass of wine and tapas?

In the latest move of truly ‘thinking outside the bun,’ Taco Bell will open a location that serves wine, beer, sangria and frozen mixed drinks in Chicago next week. This will mark the first time the chain will serve alcohol in the United States.

The new restaurant will also feature trends the chain says it is seeing among millennials, featuring a menu of “tapas-style” appetizers, a mural by a local artist and an open kitchen. The interior, similar to designs launched at Taco Bells in Tokyo, Seoul and the U.K. that also serve alcohol, will feature exposed brick walls, murals, communal tables with wooden stools and pops of accent colors such as bright purple and teal.

Don’t get any ideas about to-go cups, though. Alcoholic drinks will be served to eat-in customers only, in a different cup than ‘virgin’ drinks so employees know if anyone is trying to sneak one out the door.

A similar location will open in San Francisco this month. The company is calling restaurants that serve alcohol, “Taco Bell Cantina.”

It’s just the latest evidence that traditional fast-food chains are trying to revamp their image. In a push to try and boost evening sales, Starbucks has also been rolling out wine, beer and tapas at select U.S. locations.

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