Mesmerizing Clouds Spotted in Kentucky Skies

Asperitas clouds over Harrodsburg, Kentucky,  Tuesday, March 28, 2017.
These clouds may look like they have been generated by a computer, however on an overcast day in Harrodsburg, Kentucky, a resident took these pictures to prove that they are all too real.
Melissa Hire shared the above photo on The Weather Channel’s Facebook page after these clouds moved over her hometown in central Kentucky. As unique as they are, the clouds are technically known as asperitas clouds. They are among the newest clouds now classified by the World Meteorological Organization.
These formations were formerly known as undulatus asperatus.  Asperitas clouds form when widespread cloud cover is disturbed by wind shear and turbulence. This in turn creates waves in the clouds. Resulting in clouds which resemble waves in the sea.
The word Asperitas is  Latin for “roughness,”. In the pictures taken by Melisa, it’s easy to see how they earned the name.
A few more of Melissa’s asperitas cloud  photos are below.
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